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Direction of Row Operations


The Row Operations draft proposes 5 new row operations
	1) Create Row
	2) Modify Row
	3) Delete Row
	4) Get Row
	5) Get Next Row
which are, in theory, bits-on-the-wire efficient as well as
simpler to implement than using traditional operations to 
perform row operations.

I have two questions related to the direction we want to go
with all this.

1) When defining the bits for the IANASnmpExtendedProtocol
   object, did we want
	a) One bit for all row operations
	b) one bit for get row operations and one for set row operations
	c) one bit for each of the five operations

   My preference is b)

2) Did we want to keep these as row operations, or try and build something
   which maintains the two goals I mentioned above, but can also be used
   for non-row related operations? As in something which can simply and
   efficiently be used for both row-oriented and scalar-oriented operations.

   I don't necessarily have a preference either way, but it's a question
   we should answer so that we can either define scalar support out of scope
   or rename these operations to createStuff, modifyStuff, etc.

Sharon Chisholm
Preside Management
Nortel Networks
Ottawa, Ontario