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RE: draft-ietf-eos-oidcompression-00.txt (fwd)


This text was the result of damage I have left from my time at CMU.  At the 
time, we were: a) mostly a single vendor shop,  b) talking to thousands of 
devices frequently.  We had all sorts of problems with managers horking 
over the sheer number of devices they were watching.  We also had trouble 
with the machines the managers were running on running out of space in 
their ARP tables, but that was on SunOS.  In our case, the extra detection 
traffic would not have been too terribly welcome (though certainly 
tolerable).  However, given a choice, I think we would have preferred an 
"opt out" approach to save time and bandwidth.


--On Wednesday, May 09, 2001 9:43 AM -0400 Sharon Chisholm 
<schishol@nortelnetworks.com> wrote:

> I Agree. The command generator SHOULD check before sending.  It's not so
> much
> for error reporting, as the fact that sending an unrecognised PDU will
> result in an error.  As a manager, I see checking what protocol extensions
> are
> supported when I discover a device, caching this, and then using that as
> a basis of what protocol extensions to send to the device.  I'd rather
> check first, so I have fewer error conditions to worry about later on.