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Re: draft-ietf-eos-oidcompression-00.txt

At 11:15 AM -0400 5/3/01, Sandra McLeod wrote:
>> I agree that <table>.2.<row> would be useful in table OID compression for
>> non-row PDUs.
>If scalars are also going to be allowed in the row-operations PDUs then
>I think the <table>.2 format will be needed for the row PDUs as well.
Yes, possibly. I'm not dead-set against it, I'm just looking to reduce pdu
size where-ever possible.

>Okay. I think we definitely need to consider this issue further.
>It may be that everyone will agree that the extra cost is worth the
>ability to more easily handle potential problems like this. Or, perhaps
>some people would prefer to have a choice so that the management
>application can somehow specify if it wants implicit or explicit column
>identification based on the request it makes. Any thoughts?
I agree that further consideration is needed, and I'm just one person on
the list. If the consensus is that implicit is desired, I won't fuss too