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Re: submitted draft-ietf-eos-snmpxproto-mib-00.txt


The ability for vendors to add new PDU types (operation types) is
I believe counter to the core principle of the IETF, which is to
value interoperation above all other factors.

 From a practical perspective, to add a new PDU type (operation type),
an assignment must be made from a flat name-space which is controlled
by the IETF/IANA. Thus, there is no gain from identifying such assignments
by an OID value outside the control of the IETF/IANA.
/david t. perkins

At 08:23 AM 4/18/2001 -0400, Sharon Chisholm wrote:
>I just posted the -00 version of the 
>"SNMP Extended Protocol MIB".
>It should be sent out soon, but here is a copy in
>the meantime:
>Sharon Chisholm
>Preside Management
>Nortel Networks
>Ottawa, Ontario