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Agent Capabilities and sysORTable

Hey all,

I need some help understanding here...

When I first saw the Charter discussing capabilities, I thought this might
be related to the agent capabilities addressed in the sysORTable.  Since
then I understand that this part of the eos charter is referring to protocol
capabilities.  However, having the agent document its MIB capabilities would
be desirable also.

My question is:  Why don't most agents (I haven't found any so far)
implement or at least populate the sysORTable?  Is there some hidden
difficulty in implementing it on the agent side?  Or have I misunderstood
the purpose of sysORTable?

My comment is: If the agents don't bother to populate the sysORTable to
document their agent MIB capabilities, why would we expect them to populate
some other MIB documenting protocol capabilities?  We need to understand the
dynamics in order to overcome them.

I am not arguing that the protocol capabilities MIB or mechanism isn't
needed, but I am cautious considering my experience so far with sysORTable.