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Re: OID comression tests.

At 4:09 PM +0200 4/4/01, Gideon Stupp wrote:
>We wanted to check the possibility of assigning a static 32 bit
>tag to every OID type in every MIB module, and use tag.instance in
>all our internal representations of OID's.

Are you talking about a solution for storing a large number of OID/value
pairs, or a solution for compressing OIDs in PDUs?

I think your idea could work well for local storage on the manager side,
and that would be an implementation issue, and wouldn't require any changes
to SNMP.

I don't think it would work so well for over the wire PDU OID compression.
One problem I see with this is that the manager and agent would have to
agree on the mapping in advance. This means there would have to be either
	a) a machine parseable mib-oid mapping document provided by the vendor
	b) a mib table on the agent providing the mapping
	c) a centralized authority (ala IANA) for all mibs.

(c) is unlikely, (b) would place to much burden on small agents, both (a)
and (b) would require the manager to maintain a separate mapping for each
agent or mib.