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Re: EOS Row Operations (and other documents)

At 8:08 AM -0800 3/24/01, Lauren Heintz wrote:
>   - Document title: SNMP Row Operations Extensions

Some comments on Jeff Case's presentation on OID Compression/Row Operations.

on page 12 of the presentation:
>factoring out tablename and row number:
>(foo, 5 (col1 =val1, col2 = val2,  colm = valm))
I really like this idea - though I may be slightly biased because I had the
same idea and am already using it in the openSNMP project to save rows as a
single record in a persistent database. :)

on page 13
>{ fooTable 2 } is always unused to date
>This can be used for conveying table name and row number (instance)

on page 15
>Make { fooTable 2} invisible when necessary:
>  Suggest through pduType field a la Counter64

I think that having a pduType field removes the need for { fooTable 2 }.
Besides, if we are trying to compress OIDs, specifying a sub-oid that will
always be the same seems a little silly.

on page 14
>Conveying Column Indicator
>  Can be implicit or explicit
I'm not sure that I believe that it can be implicit. I'm assuming that the
conversion between the compressed from and the expanded from will take
place in the agent engine (otherwise sub-agents would have to handle the
conversion, and that would mean changes to AgentX). Since a sub-agent could
register to handle a table by specifying the table OID (or a higher level
OID), the master agent can't expand the column OIDs.