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Re: EOS WG Minutes - Minneapolis

>>>>> David Battle writes:

>> Jeff's presentation was certainly entertaining. However, I did not
>> really get his argument. I would like to learn more so that I can
>> understand whether this "go to jail" phenomenon really exists.

David> I quizzed him about this after the meeting.  The "starting
David> over" happens only if the connection is completely dropped.
David> For example if because of packet loss the operation takes so
David> long that one of the endpoints crashes or times out due to a
David> keep-alive not being acked.

Not sure I understand this either. I think Jeff was talking about a
sequence of SNMP transactions, e.g. walking a table. If you do that
over TCP and the connection breaks in the middle, then I think there
is no requirement to actually throw away the data which you have
already received and to start from scratch.


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