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Re: EOS WG Minutes - Minneapolis

>>>>> Lauren Heintz writes:

Lauren> Must maintain statelessness and not become jailed during
Lauren> Packet Loss.  Jeff Case acted out the "go to jail" phenomenon
Lauren> where connection oriented data transfers may be severely
Lauren> interrupted in lossy networks and have to start over.

Jeff's presentation was certainly entertaining. However, I did not
really get his argument. I would like to learn more so that I can
understand whether this "go to jail" phenomenon really exists.

I did however hear a clear message in the open area meeting that the
network operators that were in the room use TCP based protocols
(telnet, ssh) to do configuration management. This also reflects very
well my personal experiences with operators. (Perhaps they all have to
go to jail?)

Having SNMP over TCP available for bulk transfers or for pushing large
configurations to devices clearly makes a difference as there is no
need anymore for doing nasty things like createAndWait. I therefore
strongly recommend to use SNMP over TCP and to take advantage of it
where it makes sense. (Or course, polling via UDP should not go away
since this is really a good thing to do.)


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