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Re: What is "SET ROW"

Well, you've certainly summed
up the whole SetRow thread quite
succinctly!  :-)

"David T. Perkins" wrote:
> HI,
> Would someone PLEASE explain:
>  1) what a SETROW operation would do,

The WG charter includes this:

   - A standards-track document defining a mechanism
     for efficient retrieval, creation, and deletion
     of rows in tables; 

So, I suppose SetRow is one of the ideas being
considered to accomplish part of that (row creation,
modification and deletion).  See the EOS minutes
for other details and a URL to Jeff Case's slides
persented at the Minneapolis meeting.

>  2) what problems does it solve

I gather:
- minimize number of PDUs on the wire to accompish a given row
- minimize overhead
- minimize some of the confusion that arises out
of the present specification of RowStatus and some
if its possibly non-deterministic properties????

>  3) what problems does it create