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FW: EOS WG Agenda

Title: FW: EOS WG Agenda

Revised agenda for the EOS WG that contains pointer to the requirements document:
Agenda for Evolution of SNMP (EOS) WG Meeting at 50th IETF - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
    Glenn Waters <gww@nortelnetworks.com>
    Dale Francisco <dfrancis@cisco.com>
The EOS Working Group is slated to meet once during the Minneapolis IETF. We will meet from 9:00-11:30 on Monday March 19.

The agenda planned is:
1. Introductions, Logistics and agenda and schedule review (10 minutes)
2. Review the requirements document found at ftp://standards.nortelnetworks.com/eos/draft-ietf-eos-requirements-00.txt (45 minutes)

3. Discussion of the requirements (60 minutes)
4. Meeting close and discussion of next steps for working group (10 minutes)
Please come to the meeting prepared by having read:
1. The WG Charter, description and schedule found at:
2. The most current version of the requirements document posted to the WG mailing list (draft-ietf-eos-requirements-00.txt). Note that this document was not submitted to the draft editor by the cutoff date. As such item 2 on the agenda will summarize the information in the draft.