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Re: draft-ietf-eos-requirements-00

What about in section 2 adding a new sub-section something like:
Large Notification messages
Managed systems may have a large amount of data to be sent in several
varbinds as an SNMP Trap or Inform message.  It would be good to provide
as much information as is helpful for fault isolation and repair in a
Trap or Inform, eliminating issues of time latency when using trap
directed polling for fault handling.

Requirements of this feature are:
o For an agent to be able to send a Trap or Inform that would exceed the
MTU size of a UDP-based PDU.

// Rob.

Glenn Waters wrote:

> Attached is the first cut of the requirements document for the
> Evolution of SNMP Working Group. This document will be the basis of
> discussion for the WG meeting coming up. Input and comments gladly
> accepted on the list and during the upcoming meeting.
> Cheers, /gww
// Rob.

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