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Re: eos WG meeting slot request

I'm taking the risk of expressing my opinion where it was not
requested here.   As an aside, I realize that scheduling
is a tremendously difficult task, so my subsequent comments are
with all due respect to Dinara Suleymanova.

On Thursday, February 15 2001, Dinara Suleymanova <dinaras@ietf.org> wrote:

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> There is no possibility for you not to overlap with the OPS WG where Bert 
> Wijnen is the AD because we have OPS slot with him as AD in each session.

First, given this schedule, I am glad I am not Bert.

I see a couple of possibilities:

.  There is no OPS area activity on Monday at 9 AM.  Bert may
   have a commitment here that I am not aware of.

.  It might be possible to move either rap or sming to make a two hour
   session out of the Tuesday afternoon split sessions.  I don't
   think there will be a lot of interest from the dnsop folks
   (no offense, Randy).

.  Worst case (but still better than assigned) - two one hour 
   sessions Tuesday afternoon.

Of course, there are other constraints (room size, etc) that I am not
aware of.

I would very much like to attend rap.

> THURSDAY, March 22, 2001
> 1530-1730 Afternoon Sessions II
> APP     deltav        Web Versioning and Configuration Management WG
> OPS     oes           Evolution of SNMP WG
> OPS     rap           Resource Allocation Protocol WG

It would be good to change "oes" to "eos" in the agenda.

        - Steve
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