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Re: eos WG meeting slot request

There is no possibility for you not to overlap with the OPS WG where Bert Wijnen is the AD because we have OPS slot with him as AD in each session.

OES meeting has been tentatively scheduled for ONE session.

Please check and see the Draft Agenda (which can be changed by February 26) of the 50th IETF Meeting at :
http://www.ietf.org/meetings/agenda_50.txt . You will be able to see your scheduled meeting tomorrow.

THURSDAY, March 22, 2001
1530-1730 Afternoon Sessions II
APP     deltav        Web Versioning and Configuration Management WG
OPS     oes             Evolution of SNMP WG
OPS     rap              Resource Allocation Protocol WG
SEC     saag            Open Security Area Directorate Meeting
TSV     mmusic       Multiparty Multimedia Session Control WG
TSV     rserpool      Reliable Server Pooling WG

1. Please submit the final agenda for the working group to
agenda@ietf.org by 500 PM ET March 14, 2001.
2. Blue roster sheets will be in the meeting room on the chairís table.
3. Please turn in signed blue roster sheets to the IETF registration desk immediately after you have met.
4. Overhead and data projectors will be provided in all meeting rooms.
5. Blank write-on transparencies will be available in the meeting room by the overhead projector in a yellow folder.
6. If you cancel scheduled session please send a message to
agenda@ietf.org as soon as possible. If you cancel session once on site at the meeting inform someone at the IETF Registration Desk.

Should you have any comments or remarks send them to: agenda@ietf.org.


Dinara Suleymanova

At 04:44 PM 2/14/01 -0800, Dale Francisco wrote:
As co-chair of the newly chartered eos (Evolution
of SNMP) WG, I'd like to request a meeting slot
at the Minneapolis IETF:
a. Working Group name: eos (Evolution of SNMP)

b. AREA under which Working Group appears: Operations and Management
c. CONFLICTS you wish to avoid, please be as specific as possible:
d. Expected Attendance: 175

e. Special requests (i.e. multicast): None

f. Number of slots: 1

g. Length of slot: 2 hrs. (or 2 1/2 hrs.)

Dale Francisco
(408) 527-9787